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Black Friday 2021: crises e oportunidades nas redes sociais

Bruno Alves, our vice president of Marketing and Innovation, led a meetup with tips that brands can adopt to provide good service via social networks during Black Friday 2021, when interactions increase significantly in sales profiles.

See how the meetup was and learn about the tips presented to offer first-class service on the most important date in Brazilian retail.
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Manage marketing strategies with an omnichannel and hyper-personalized approach

In this meetup, professionals who work in the management of customer databases discuss strategies adopted to use available information to improve the offer of products and services offered to the customer. Check out!
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Human experience management: the new challenges of HR

With an increasingly strategic role in companies, Human Resources (HR) professionals now need to adapt to social distancing and the future hybrid work model to understand how to transmit aspects such as culture and humanization and train their talents at a distance.

We organized a meetup with experts in education and people management to talk about how the area can prepare for a reality in which HR will need to rely more and more on technology to engage employees. Check out!
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