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What is it like to work at Plusoft?

We bring together a team of connected, innovative and creative people. More than brilliant and restless professionals, our talents are constantly seeking to improve the experience of our clients' customers. Be part of this group and of the transformation we want to bring to the market.


What will you find working with us

Constant learning

Constant learning

At Plusoft, learning takes place formally, via courses or training, or informally, through conversation with peers and colleagues.

Engaged team

Engaged team

Here the teams are highly collaborative and engaged, which generates a unique team spirit.

Close and open leadership

Close and open leadership

At Plusoft everyone has a voice, no matter what their role. We truly exercise leadership with open doors.

Opportunity to innovate

Opportunity to innovate

We believe that anyone and everyone can innovate. We encourage all teams to generate innovation in their areas or for our customers.


Trainee program

Talent development is one of Plusoft's main fronts. Here, we are looking for diverse people with the dream of transforming their careers and businesses. It was with this motto that Plusoft's Internship and Trainee programs were shaped. Plusoft interns and trainees see challenges as great opportunities and are true agents of change. Learn more in the video.



Plusoft has a diverse, equalitarian and inclusive environment. We have a committee made up of people from different areas of the company to address the issue and generate goals for us to constantly generate affirmative action.

Big numbers

Some of our achievements to date

+450 employees

a team of engaged talents, whose flagship is collaboration.


who seek to impact their consumers through technology


the most awarded company in Brazil, the result of the work of a team that works in synergy.


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