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These companies offer the best experience through Plusoft solutions :)

Automate requests

From requesting a bank-issued invoice to information such as extracurricular hours, plusoft inPaaS automates everyday tasks and manages time for more strategic projects.

Centralize student and partner data

Plusoft Omni CRM gathers the interactions made by the user in the educational institution's contact channels to carry out a personalized service according to the history and preferences of each person.

Start conversations at any time

The plusoft AI platform automates the relationship processes, making them more efficient by mapping the most common questions of users to answer them with assertiveness on any day and time.

Use consolidated teaching tools

Plusoft EdTech is a platform that encourages and engages users through a virtual and gamified environment, providing a good teaching experience, giving autonomy for the student to build their own journey.

Cogna Educação (ex-Kroton)

With plusoft AI, the educational institution improved its service system, solving the main informational questions of students, increasing the level of satisfaction through a survey at the end of each service performed.

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