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Frequently asked questions

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What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is a concept adopted by the market that refers to working on the management and optimization of relationships between customers and companies.

The objective is to generate a personalized and comprehensive knowledge base of each person who makes contact with the brand, allowing a 360 degree view of both the customers and the consumers.

The concept is based on structuring technologies, processes, and people geared towards meeting the needs of customers, with the objective of implementing solutions and automation to meet their expectations and generate satisfaction and recommendations for your company.
What does a CRM do?
If we are to discuss a technological platform to support customer relationship management (CRM software), we must mention some characteristics of its use and application.

The first is to provide availability of multichannel service (e-mail, voice, chat, SMS, social media and others,) both in the scope of B2B (support, retention) and B2C (SAC, Help Desk, Ombudsman) businesses. CRM is also useful for storing customer data in order to understand their profile and relationship history.

A CRM platform can have marketing characteristics for tasks such as campaign management, creating sales programs, loyalty, retention and collection, in addition to monitoring and service through social media networks.
Are there different types of CRM?
CRM can be used for sales, relationship, service, or promotions campaigns, and some market solutions tend to be oriented towards one of these needs and few have characteristics that add up to all these possibilities of use. CRM can be on-premise, within the company, or in the cloud.
Why does my company need a CRM?
A CRM is a business concept that focuses on using technology to facilitate customer access and store profiles, with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of who a company’s audience is. A CRM platform brings with it resources that can help a business be more competitive:

• Facilitate different forms of communication with the customer
• Provide total customer satisfaction
• Maximize business opportunities
• Promote faster and more efficient service
• Enable a 360 degree view of the customer, with the help of analytical solutions
• Contribute to business retention, loyalty and profitability
• Reduce the average time in service (TMA)
• Increase the percentage of first call resolution
• Significantly decrease the queues at the call center
• Enable service optimization and segmentation via IVR
• Integration with CTI, e-mail, chat, SMS and social media, providing convergence and mobility and reducing operating costs.
What is the difference between on-premise CRM and CRM in the cloud?
A CRM on-premise is the format for deploying the platform / software on the contractor's servers / computers, which requires installation prerequisites, and the responsibility of this infrastructure is also the responsibility of the contractor.

With CRM in the cloud, the deployment tends to be simplified, since all infrastructure / availability is the responsibility of the CRM manufacturer, and the contractor only needs an internet connection to access the website / application of this CRM solution.
What differentiates Plusoft Omni CRM?
The plusoft Omni CRM solution promotes faster and more efficient service through the concept of a single service screen, in which the service user can simultaneously serve several customers in different ways of contact. In addition, the product also includes the following features:

• Allows a 360 degree view of the customer, through a Relationship Timeline of the identified customer, in addition to a reporting module that allows the user to create customized extractions
• Focuses on reducing the average service time (AST)
• Allows the optimization and segmentation of service via IVR
• It also enables: Integration with CTI, e-mail, chat, SMS and social media, messaging systems like WhatsApp, providing convergence and mobility and reducing operating costs
• And it has several resources such as Knowledge Base and Procedures and Guidelines according to the ticket registration, which increases the percentage of problem solving in the first service
What are Omni's integrations?
The Omni Plusoft platform has integration with systems through Application Programming Interface APIs, or Portuguese Application Programming Interface). It also integrates with smart chatbots on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks, Reclame Aqui and
What does it mean for Plusoft Omni CRM to be considered a Customer tool Experience Omnichannel?
It means that the solution not only offers different service or promotion channels via campaigns or sales, but also converges information from these channels on a single platform, centralizing the customer journey.
What is plusoft Omni CRM's hiring model?
The contracting model follows the characteristics of the software as a service (SaaS) model, in which the contractor pays the setup fee to start the project. There may be some customizations to meet their needs in addition to the monthly fee for the licensing of the licenses used.

Depending on the contracted items, there may be other characteristics that influence payment pricing, such as triggering SMS and active e-mails, WhatsApp or social media monitoring volume, these are calculated according to consumption.
Is the payment for Plusoft Omni CRM in reais (BRL)?
Yes. This currently makes us relevant and differentiates us in comparison with other CRM solutions on the market (mostly in dollars or the collection in reais with exchange rate fluctuation because it is a foreign solution).
What is a SAC 4.0?
A SAC 4.0 differs from the others by exploiting the concept of omnichannel to the maximum, connecting to various channels to offer the customer personalized service according to their history of interactions with the company.
conectando-se a diversos canais para oferecer ao cliente um atendimento personalizado de acordo com o seu histórico de interações com a empresa.

Another feature of SAC 4.0 is the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence to, through chatbots, automate responses and provide customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
What is social listening?
Social listening is a term related to the analysis of mentions, conversations and trends that happen all the time on digital channels (such as social networks, blogs and forums). Social listening is not only related to the surroundings of a brand, but also across the open sea of ​​social networks.

Among many applications, the use of social listening can be useful, for example, for:

• Improve content and service strategy
• Work with campaigns, partnerships and influencers
• Obtain support for better decision-making
• Get insight
• Manage crises
• Promote innovation assertively
• Improve user experience with the brand

More than monitoring what they say about your brand, social listening proposes an understanding of what people think about the entire universe in which a segment operates, in addition to presenting how these thoughts reverberate on social networks.

Creating a successful strategy, process, campaign or product requires attention beyond what is happening with the brand: it is necessary to analyze the conversation that encompasses competitors, influencers, patterns, contexts, trends and everything that can become an opportunity.
What is the relationship between SAC 4.0 and social listening with social networks?
A social listening tool can assist in the classification and management of customer messages made directly on company profiles on social networks.

It can also, when analyzing the mentions made to the brand on the networks, collect the opinions of users to understand how it is perceived by its consumers, in addition to detecting strengths and aspects of improvement.
Why does my company need a SAC 4.0?
Consultar somente os canais de SAC tradicional é um perigo, pois as redes sociais atualmente são a vitrine de uma marca. Sendo assim, devem ser priorizadas não somente em ativações de marketing, mas em atendimento ao usuário, por meio de uma estratégia sólida, equipe especializada e uma plataforma que otimize seu tempo e ajude a empresa a alcançar seus objetivos.

Os benefício ao implementar um projeto de SAC 4.0 são inúmeros, como converter consumidores frustrados em lovers; aumentar o índice de satisfação do cliente com a empresa; humanizar o relacionamento; encantar o cliente com experiência fundamentadas em coleta de insights gratuitos gerados pelos perfis das redes sociais; mapear e gerir em possíveis crises; reduzir custos gerados por canais tradicionais e estar sempre posicionado de modo competitivo no mercado.
Is it possible to manage and anticipate social media crises using a SAC 4.0 tool?
Yes! The database captured in real time on social networks allows for an intelligent solution to identify sensitive posts for the company and instantly trigger an alert to those responsible, to act in advance and monitor all the buzz generated for possible actions by the company.
What makes Plusoft Social different?
Plusoft Social is the only platform to carry out the set-up for the customer. Integrated with the Consumidor.GOV website it has automation in the formula that identifies the customer as an influencer, lover and hater.
Can plusoft Social be integrated with WhastApp and Telegram, for example?
Yes, on demand.
Which area should Plusoft Social adopt in my company?
The customer service area for social care and the marketing area for social engagement, social listening and social monitoring are usually the departments that get the most from using Plusoft Social.

In addition to the two areas mentioned above, which are the most aligned with the business, many other areas can benefit from social listening and monitoring, for example:

• HR, to work with data and insights to align strategies or avoid / manage crises through voice of the employee (VoE);
• Commercial areas for lead generation from the social chatbot on messenger or active prospecting.
What is artificial intelligence (AI)?
Artificial intelligence is a field of study in which scientists seek to develop software that can, at some level, "reason" in the same way the human mind does.
What are chatbots?
The chatbot is a computer program developed to talk to users simulating the line of reasoning of a human being.
How can I solve my clients' problems using a chatbot system or artificial intelligence?
Both chatbot and artificial intelligence can be used to assist customers in tasks that can be performed without the intervention of a human person, with the advantage that this service can take place on any day of the week, at any time.
Can a chatbot serve my customers in a humane way?
Yes. Chatbot technology has developed in recent years and, today, it is possible to develop software capable of serving visitors to a social media network page or profile in a very humanized way.
Why should my company adopt a chatbot?
The immediate benefit of chatbot is the creation of a service channel that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, solving the most common questions from users. In addition, a chabot also manages to reduce the manual work of the SAC team, allowing professionals to focus on more strategic activities.
How Plusoft AI can help my company bring the best experience to our customers and clients?
Plusoft AI is a hub of intelligent solutions, which ensures interactions with chatbots naturally and intelligently. The solutions are offered in the software as a service (SaaS) model, in the cloud, which allows the construction and management of chatbots, voicebots and virtual assistants integrated with SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, website, landing pages and others.
What is gamification?
Gamification is a resource that a platform makes available to its users in order to generate engagement through scores, competition and rewards according to the strategy of each company.
The platform events can contain scores and generate a reward for the user for starting a course, completing an evaluation and with that he will have access to other resources that depend on his user level.
How does a gamified digital education platform work?
With gamification, the company can generate healthy competition amongst departments and employees. It is possible to create a narrative so that each employee can up their score, advance in the game, win medals, trophies and win virtual coins, which can be exchanged for prizes that the company can make available in a Virtual Store on the platform. At the store, it is possible for the employee to have access to physical products, things online and even days off and off duty (assisting the planning team).
Na loja, é possível que o colaborador tenha acesso a produtos físicos, on-line e até mesmo folgas e horas off em seu plantão (auxiliando o time de planejamento).
How does the concept of digital micro-learning work?
Currently, it is necessary to ensure that employees have continuous access to their development. In line with this strategy, it is possible to generate “drops” of knowledge, which are videos, tutorials, audios, etc., lasting between 5 and 10 minutes, keeping all employees up to date and able to follow up with their operational demands. Our platform allows the creation of learning “trails” with all the strategies mentioned and directed to specific groups, which enable quickly and reduce the need to migrate to classrooms, reducing costs and optimizing access to information shared by an expert.
Nossa plataforma permite a criação de “trilhas” de aprendizagem com todas as estratégias citadas e direcionadas a grupos específicos, capacitando de forma rápida e sem a necessidade de deslocamento para salas de aula, reduzindo custos e otimizando acesso à informação compartilhada por um especialista.
How does Plusoft Ed Tech help in the development of my team?
With a friendly environment of building Scorm Courses, Learning Trails, Quizzes, Assessments and knowledge banks (both in processes and procedures), Plusoft Ed Tech guarantees speed in the construction of content, organization of groups by types of specialties and monitoring evolution and / or groups.
The solution generates integration and reduces the learning curve for initial training, as the same tool used in training will be used in the day-to-day activities. And, with the social media network area, it is possible to create multidisciplinary groups to build new processes, projects and training, generating collaborative work and ensuring that all points have been addressed.
How many courses does the plusoft Ed Tech platform have?
Currently, the platform has 150 courses in the Scorm model, divided into nine different categories.
What type of company is the Ed Tech Plusoft platform recommended for
Plusoft Ed Tech has great flexibility and adapts both to companies with an operational focus (CX, CS, Customer Care), as well as technical, administrative and HR teams. The modules adapt to the client's strategy, ensuring that all resources are used for all hierarchical levels.
What are plusoft Ed Tech's main differentiators?
Plusoft Ed Tech is a Virtual and Gamified Virtual Learning Environment with Authoring Tool, Online Course Catalog and Chatbot to guide the student on their learning journey.
What is the InPaaS platform?
Plusoft InPaaS is a workflow and process automation platform for small and large companies.
How important is it to automate processes?
Process automation brings productivity gains to companies, reducing the time it takes to carry out activities. Technology helps in this mission. The idea is to analyze the processes that are manual and design all the steps of the process on a platform that allows you to digitize all the steps and reduce manual work.
How long does it take to implement a digitized process via plusoft InPaaS?
Historically, customized solutions have always demanded a lengthier development time. Plusoft inPaaS was born to answer that question, with its workflow platform, a process that can be parameterized in a few hours.
Is it possible to integrate workflows with email, SMS and WhatsApp channels to notify those responsible for each step?
Yes, your workflow can be customized to always notify those responsible for each step. In certain cases, the user can even make the decision with their mobile device. Everything to speed up the processes and for your team to do what it does best: Make decisions!
Is it possible to attach documents, images and evidence of execution at each stage of the process?
Plusoft InPaaS is prepared to catalog documents and images in its processes. Everything is recorded and can be consulted for audit questions.
O que é ciência de dados?
É uma área interdisciplinar voltada para o estudo e a análise de dados, estruturados e não-estruturados, que visa a extração de conhecimento, detecção de padrões e/ou obtenção de insights para possíveis tomadas de decisão. Ciência de dados enquanto campo existe há 30 anos, porém ganhou mais destaque nos últimos anos devido a alguns fatores como a popularização de grandes bancos de dados e o desenvolvimento de áreas como machine learning.
Qual é o papel da ciência de dados no marketing?
Historicamente, as empresas acumulam milhares de dados dos seus clientes. Contudo, geralmente, esses dados são duplicados, conflitantes e fragmentados nos sistemas e funções da maioria das organizações. Na maior parte das vezes, os dados nem sempre são claros e vários sistemas podem atualizar o mesmo registro do cliente. Além disso, muitos dados do cliente não são estruturados e, portanto, são difíceis de obter insights.
No Marketing esse desafio também acontece. Ao mesmo tempo em que a área tem a missão de captar novos clientes, precisa rentabilizar a carteira de clientes atendendo e reagindo às particularidades de cada um deles. A ciência de dados surge como resposta.
Qual é o desafio de negócio resolvido pela plusoft DTM?
Com a suíte de serviços da plusoft DTM, as marcas alcançam a excelência em diversos pontos de contato com o cliente, seja na recomendação de produtos personalizados, campanhas de marketing com foco nos indicadores de comportamento do cliente, capturados com o uso de machine learning, ou melhoria na base de dados do CRM para o lançamento de campanhas mais assertivas em qualquer etapa da jornada do consumidor ou prospect.
Quais são os diferenciais da plusoft DTM?
Nossos serviços utilizam ciência de dados para impulsionar os resultados das campanhas de marketing, por meio de tecnologias que melhoram compra, recompra e fidelização de clientes.

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