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Manage and centralize the entire relationship with your customer on a single platform, with omnichannel experience, with plusoft Omni CRM.
ao cliente
  • Multi-channel service
  • Follow the customer's voice
  • Have a 360 degree view of the relationship
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de marketing
  • Create and manage the entire multichannel campaign process
  • Flow control
  • Follow the full journey
  • Manage the pipeline
  • Share a task schedule with the team
  • Don't miss any opportunity
  • Unify all interactions with potential prospects
  • Allow the bot to be your best salesperson, full-time
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Make the bot your most assertive and smartest collection feature
Automate manual processes and free staff to perform more strategic tasks
Get more engagement on social networks and manage crises with Plusoft Social, a platform that manages the relationship with your customers on social media networks and digital channels.
redes sociais redes sociais
  • Monitor 14 social media platforms and websites like and Reclame Aqui
  • Configure the receipt of alerts for topics that may generate crises
  • Have a 360 degree view of the relationship
  • Build and manage chatbots, voicebots and virtual assistants simply and quickly with plusoft AI.
via bots
  • Activate chatbot by text or voice, according to the profile of your audience
  • Create flows to make sales at any time of the day
  • Don't miss any opportunity
  • Optimize service for the most common customer responses
  • Encourage micro-learning, a disruptive, organic and fluid model with plusoft EdTech.
redes sociais redes sociais
redes sociais redes sociais redes sociais
  • Use gamification to empower your team
  • Training in a 100% digital journey
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Reduce operationalization with the chatbot in your favor
  • Accelerate your company's digital transformation through a solutions platform that features dynamic workflows and service portals for your client with plusoft InPaaS.