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Canais Elegíveis - Reseller

Parceiros elegíveis a Categoria
Abrangência Regional
Abrangência Regional
Abrangência Multinacional
Equipe de vendas -Cert. Sol. Plusoft
Equipe de Pré-vendas -Cert. Sol. Plusoft
Marketing - Lead Generation
Equipe Mkt/Eventos - Verticais
Equipe Profesional Services - Cert. Sol. Plusoft
Suporte Tier 1
Equipe Suporte - Cert. Sol. Plusoft
Satisfação do Cliente

Why do I need to be a Plusoft Channel?

By being part of our network of channels, you have access to exclusive benefits, in addition to having materials and trained professionals who will help you conduct your business, with your technical / commercial and marketing team. Our proposal is to grow together with you. For this reason, in addition to having cutting-edge solutions to solve companies' Human Experience (HX) challenges, our program provides, among other benefits:

Acesso a tecnologias de ponta voltadas para  os desafios de Human Experience (HX)Access to cutting-edge technologies facing the challenges of Human Experience (HX)

Treinamento e certificação em todas as soluções PlusoftTraining and certification in all Plusoft solutions

Acesso a materiais de marketing para prospecção e geração  de leads, indicação de negócios e modelos de proposta técnicaAcesso a materiais de marketing para prospecção e geração de leads, indicação de negócios e modelos de proposta técnica

Faturamento recorrenteRecurring billing

Política de remuneração competitiva por licençasCompetitive remuneration policy for licenses

Capacitação gratuita para prover serviços aos clientesFree training to provide services to customers

And what do I get from being part of the Plusoft channels?

Plusoft partners have disruptive solutions in their portfolio, which solve the most varied business challenges of large companies. Our commercial and product teams provide all the necessary support for your team to respond promptly to questions from prospects and customers, supporting technical and business demands. Right at the beginning of the partnership, we provide training for your pre-sales, sales, implementation, development and support team, which must be certified with monitoring and satisfaction surveys after implementation / training with customers, taking the necessary knowledge and security for you move on. We also have a structured onboarding process and a partner's journey guided by a vision of training and partner monitoring, all available on a portal, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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