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21/03/2014 | Plusoft

Aviation Market


The relationship with customers in the aviation market

The Aviation Market is broad in continental activities and the same time require a thorough precision in the execution of activities that ensure the passengers and crew safety, as well as to provide the  air cargos and baggages  in compliance with the inviolability that users of these services require.

This is a dynamic scenario, when Plusoft acts helping with CRM Solutions (Customer Relationship Management), but also in CzRM Solutions (Citizen Relationship Management), Workflow/Trekking and ROC (reduction of operating cost).

Plusoft helps the Airline Companys to meet the profile of each passenger or the air cargo owner, what your requirements, frequency, the most popular snippets and establish a link with the customer are essential factors to the development and to make success of the marketing campaigns.

In addition,  as a customer services support through various channels of interaction (phone, email, chat, SMS, social networks), web check-in, online data update, redemption of points for the web, by SMS and flights confirmation are self-service actions that contribute to passenger loyalty.

When the customer chose an airline company,  this company needs to offer privileges for frequent customers, because today is just as important as price and compliance with timetables.